Why did I migrate from wordpress to grav?

Wordpress is a great CMS, with full of features, huge community support and rich extensions. According to recent numbers, 25% of all websites around the Internet are powered by Wordpress. The second most popular CMS after Wordpress is Joomla with 2.8% share across CMSs. Wordpress is obviously a dominating software among CMSs. Probably this is because of the configurability of Wordpress with rich plug-in and theme support - which makes it a great fit for many scenarios. However, yesterday I left this mature and proven CMS and migrated to Grav.

Grav is a modern open source flat-file CMS. It has more than 6.600 stars on Github and supported by a dynamic community. For sure, it is not widely adopted and supported like Wordpress, but still it does what it says.

I will try to explain the reasons behind this migration briefly. First of all Wordpress was over-featured for my simple blogging needs. I'm not a frequent blogger, I seldomly write a blog post and most of the time I tend to neglect my site. In other words, I have simple needs, and I need a simple blogging platform instead of a complete feature-rich CMS.

Secondly, I had lasting issues with DigitalOcean. DO ise offering easy to install and manage VPSs, and especially one-click install apps are quite usefull when it comes to going live just in seconds. I've created my previous Wordpress blog with 'one-click install apps' to save time but it was totally a problematic experience. I constantly got 'error establishing a database connection' error and couldn't find any potential solutions for this issue. As you can also Google it, is a lasting issue for DO users [1], [2]. I expect 'one-click install apps' to be less problematic since they officially provided by DO, but they weren't. Finally, I'm still a user of DO but hosting a flat-file blog instead of a MySQL supported one.

Third, I really hate and forget backing up my blog site. In a Wordpress scenario I had to backup the database, the wordpress posts (xml) and the media. This is simply too much work. Now, I'm storing my blog posts on Github with the help of automatic GitSync plug-in of Grav. Any change in this site is automatically committed to Github by this plug-in. This gives me the flexibility to migrate my blog to other platforms such as Jekyll and Middleman, in the future quickly. Since there is no database needed for Grav, I skip the database back-up process. The only remaining thing in back-up cycle is media files. By the time of this writing I competely migrated to other services for holding my static data, such as Google Drive and One Drive.

Google Drive is holding all my static data such as word files, excel files and powerpoint files. I also store some .rar and .zip files on Google Drive - such as full .rar back-ups of this site. I recently set up some IFTTT triggers which back-up all my files to Google Drive as .rar archives. I wish Google Drive still supports 'hosting' feature for images but it doesn't. That's why I prefered OneDrive to store all my images. OneDrive is giving a satisfyingly huge space for website images, and it supports hotlinking and direct linking for websites.

Finally, I can only care about writing more often. Thanks Grav!